• Summer Solstice
    Dear Christine, Happy Midsummer!! Usually Marcus and I would celebrate […]
  • Roasted Cabbage
    Dear Astrid, These past couple weeks have been unreal… coping […]
  • Crackers!
    Dear Christine, I hear that people are really into baking […]
  • Ram-Don Noodles
    Dear Astrid, It’s raining and I’m reminiscing about another rainy […]
  • Afternoon / Sweet + Savory
    Dear Astrid, I envy your week of super lemons. What […]
  • Lemons
    Dear Christine, When life gives you lemons, you make ..??? […]
  • Shuka Shuka
    Dear Astrid, It is a dreary wet spring afternoon here. […]
  • Martini Dreams
    Dear Christine, It’s an insanely perfect spring day today and […]
  • Egg on Trout on Latke
    Dear Astrid, Slept in this morning because it is SATURDAY. […]
  • Banana Bread Bonanza
    Dear Astrid, I just made banana bread too!! I used […]
  • Sunday Routine… Procrastination Baking
    Dear Christine, I had a full day of projects lined […]
  • ? Zesty Yogurt
    Not terribly hungry and a little overloaded with the day’s […]
  • Roman Pizza
    So I had this dream last night, that I was […]
  • Afternoon Tea
    Dear Astrid, We used to do this mostly on holidays […]
  • Japanese Instant (coffee)
    Dear Christine, please don’t judge my afternoon coffee choices! (It’s […]
  • La Vita di Carota
    Until we return to Via Carota… we can la vita […]
  • Dispatch from Brooklyn
    So turns out we really should have gotten together after […]
  • Kartoffel Kuchen
    Alpine cuisine is one of my favorites. Patates are my […]
  • Grüß Gott, NYC
    We haven’t seen each other in ages; however, one of […]