Afternoon Tea


Dear Astrid,

We used to do this mostly on holidays and rare weekends when not running all over town… but, now that we’re working and schooling from home, and need institutional routines to stay on the rails, we take a wee late-day break.

I throw into my trusty infuser a tea bag and any bits of dried citrus or spice I’ve got laying around and pour in boiling hot water into the teapot. Today it’s Buddha Tea’s Organic Mullein Leaf Tea and lemongrass stalks (dried after using the bottom portion for a Thai chicken dish last month!).

I layout some kind of snack ranging from sweet to savory, large to small depending on appetite and usually from scraps from the fridge. In the above pic, it’s the previous night’s delivery of roast pork and sticky rice from Saiguette assembled into little bites, alongside David Lebovitz‘s crazy good salade de carottes rapee from another meal with nuoc cham sauce tossed in, and a bowl of plain sugar snap peas because we skipped lunch which was bad.

By this time the tea is all nice and steeped, so I throw in a tablespoon of honey and splash of oat milk splashed into the pot and we just breathe for a little bit.

xx, c.

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