Afternoon / Sweet + Savory


Dear Astrid,

I envy your week of super lemons. What a gift from nature I swear! All your lemony manifestations sound fantastic and reminds me of Citarella’s Lemon Tea Cake that we like for our tea.

The last couple weeks have been a little rough here in Lockdown, trying to humanly connect despite the barriers of a small contained bubble. In short time we grieve the loss of loved ones; rally for daily responsibilities and activism, then rallying to celebrate birthdays and spiritual occasions.

Scraps toast: prosciutto bits, old gruyere, chives on French bread

We’re lucky for the small resources we have to keep-keeping on and anointing this with more care in what we eat/drink, and mindful of general consumption– be it art, news media, entertainment, certain relationships; always hours and hours of music on.

Sweet, savory, and… sour too!!! ;P

Miss you heaps,

xx, c.

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