Grüß Gott, NYC


We haven’t seen each other in ages; however, one of my favorite things about us is that no matter how the time passes we always remain pretty tight. Going whole months and postponing hangs (work deadlines!) or even texting (family obligations!), but our reunions are always pleasantly chill lol.

Am honestly getting maudlin about good ol’ Centre St and popping out for tea, a nice happy hour cocktail, or an indulgent early dinner when we shared studio space years ago– how is it now years ago?!– with you so seamlessly. So taken for granted-ly.

Thinking about Cafe Select. The base for so much living… sometimes catching a coffee and egg/soldiers in the early morning with my planner, catching up with friends with mugs of glühwein in hand, and getting so many nice salad lunches with you.

xx, c.

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