Summer Solstice

Dear Christine, Happy Midsummer!! Usually Marcus and I would celebrate my love of daylight by walking downtown to the Solstice festival or by getting everyone together for a park picnic but of course this year is a little different. Instead we made a Swedish feast with our lovely upstairs neighbors and celebrated in our small […]

Roasted Cabbage

Dear Astrid, These past couple weeks have been unreal… coping as ever through eating my feelings and ultra grateful for having the means to keeping ourselves fed pretty well. We’d gone through a few delivery services and have settled on Misfits Market for a weekly drop of fresh fruit/veg as well as their “add-on” marketplace […]


Dear Christine, I hear that people are really into baking bread right now. To be honest, I do not have a bread-making bone in my body beyond banana bread, but we found ourselves with sourdough starter and I can’t justify feeding it flour every week. SO…we made crackers! It’s super easy, 1/2 starter and 1/2 […]

Ram-Don Noodles

Dear Astrid, It’s raining and I’m reminiscing about another rainy afternoon seeing Parasite at the IFC. My teen-girl and I, both too stunned to say anything afterwards except: let’s get noodles and discuss this film. Under an umbrella, we walked up Sixth Ave to EAK Ramen, her fave in the Before Times. Considerably freaked out, […]

Afternoon / Sweet + Savory

Dear Astrid, I envy your week of super lemons. What a gift from nature I swear! All your lemony manifestations sound fantastic and reminds me of Citarella’s Lemon Tea Cake that we like for our tea. The last couple weeks have been a little rough here in Lockdown, trying to humanly connect despite the barriers […]


Dear Christine, When life gives you lemons, you make ..??? We were getting a CSA box and even though you could pick what you wanted you never really know what you were getting. Last week it was lemons, a LOT of lemons. HUGE lemons. So far we have had lemon cachaca cocktails, lemon mustard dressing, […]

Egg on Trout on Latke

Dear Astrid, Slept in this morning because it is SATURDAY. A bit of a rough week so, I lounged in bed longer than usual, until an alert on my phone notified me that this week’s groceries would be delivered shortly! Glad I was able to snag a delivery. But, I forgot the night before to […]