Kartoffel Kuchen


Alpine cuisine is one of my favorites. Patates are my favorite. And, my Lancaster Farms ‘Pretty But Delicious’ box had a lot of and after all ready making the usual mashed potatoes, I still had a bunch leftover and made a funky potato thing.

Super basic recipe: I mandoline-sliced a million paper thin wafers of potato and methodically layered in a skillet like a meditation; with intermittent pours of thyme+garlic infused chicken broth. And a lot of sea salt. Baked for an hour at 350º; it was a little too boggy still so I placed it on the bottom of the oven to crisp up the bottom layer.

It’s basically like a mille-crépe cake… perhaps a kartoffel kuchen? It sliced up nice as a dinner accompli; plated with a sprinkle of chives over a nice plop of sour cream.

Forgot to take a photo of the serving lol.

xx, c.

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