? Zesty Yogurt


Not terribly hungry and a little overloaded with the day’s work– too much schoolwork, too much work work! And, feeling like all I do is spend my days washing dishes.

Quick little break for an easy pick-me-up:

Scoop of plain greek yogurt with drizzle of agave and pile of lemon zest grated on top!

It’s like an amazing lemon drop probiotic!! I don’t even know if agave is healthy or not; one minute it’s the sweetener savior and I buy a big bottle. Then it’s been scorned as terrible and I’m stuck with a big bottle judiciously eating so as to not waste lol.

But, LEMONS. I will love lemons until my dying day.

Wondering about your parmigiana dreams… what are you eating before you head off to slumberland!??

xo, c.

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